Global RPfT

RPfT has been working overseas since it was founded in the 80’s, but more than ever in the last decade, as we have grown. Of course, the post-pandemic changes in the way we live and work did much to expedite the development of our online learning offering. But despite the obvious success of virtual sessions, we still find that in person learning maintains the edge over online. This is due both to the visceral impact for the participants, and the ability to relate to one another whilst making use of the full breadth and depth of human expression. As such, we now find ourselves delivering a fully hybrid offering, we find our global reach is even more extensive than ever before.

We’ve worked all over the world – Oman, Singapore, South Korea, Chicago, Melbourne, Angola and Jakarta to name a few destinations.  We also work widely in Europe and we cover a broad range of topics for our global clients.  Our network of Drama Based Practitioners and Facilitators has grown over the years and we are lucky to have highly skilled associates based all around the world, bringing specific local, linguistic and cultural knowledge to our skills base.  In addition, we also engage our Associates from the UK to deliver sessions abroad and we’re aware of the benefits this adds to our range of experience. We are, however, keenly aware of our carbon footprint and always seek to engage local actors wherever possible.

Our Actor/Facilitators and Project Managers are our greatest asset, and we love hearing their thoughts and revelations wherever they have been working.  We wanted to share an insight into the personal experiences they have shared with us following their travels.

Around the World with our Actors