Giving Feedback

Giving feedback is a core component of almost all the training areas we cover, and lies at the heart of drama based training. Training Areas such as Performance Management, Leadership, Personal Impact, Presentation Skills, Equality & Diversity in the Workplace, Assessment & Recruitment Centres, Bullying & Harassment and Difficult Conversations, would all include a strong element of feedback as well as many of the other training areas we work in.

The first key aspect of feedback is how we handle giving feedback to an individual participant. This usually happens after the participant has done a role play or skills practice. Since giving high level feedback to individuals is a key part of the many different training areas we cover,  all our business actors are trained in how to deliver it. 

Constructive feedback must be clear, specific and backed up by tangible evidence. There is no point in making an observation about something a participant may have said unless you can quote it back to them – almost exactly – with the words they used.  

It also requires the actor/facilitator to have a high degree of emotional intelligence. They need to ‘read’ the participant and calibrate how to frame the feedback for it to be as constructive as possible for that particular individual. That is why at the end of any skills practice we will always check-in with the participant to see how they feel it went before we give our feedback. This can give a very clear idea of how to frame the feedback for that individual. There are also training situations where colleagues of the participant will take part in the feedback process as well as the business actor; this has to be sensitively facilitated by us. 

We aim to give feedback that is very specific for that person and the situation they are facing. If it requires a major behavioural change then we will say so, whilst always keeping the feedback constructive and empowering.