Stress Management & Resilience

At RPfT we believe emotional resilience is a trait you can increase and develop. We believe that by identifying how to spot stress in both yourself and others we can reduce the negative impact stress has on us in our day to day life. We think it is crucial to have a conscious understanding of the strategies and mechanisms that can help us build resilience in the face of pressure and uncertainty.

Masterclass – Stress Management & Resilience

In this workshop we study how resilience manifests itself and consider what behaviour might look like when it is lacking. We identify different coping mechanisms and explore various strategies and some simple stress-reducing techniques that we can use to increase our resilience when faced with stressful situations.

There are two aspects to this programme:

  • Identifying indicators of stress in others and helping them to manage it by providing support
  • Building resilience within yourself and managing your own stress levels

This workshop also addresses the additional complexity of managing teams virtually. We also explore and acknowledge the extra strain placed on our mental health caused by prolonged social isolation, job insecurity and personal worries related to the pandemic. We look in detail at the communication skills required to encourage those around us to open up as well as what empathy and good listening looks and sounds like. We also identify strategies for managing someone who we identify may be experiencing stress and how to give information and support where appropriate.