Leading Teams Remotely

The challenge of how best to manage a team who are all working in different places has been a feature on the leadership landscape for some years now, but it’s an issue that has become all the more pertinent during the pandemic. The rise of home working and the realities of hybrid working mean leaders need to adapt to communicating with their people through different platforms and mediums and getting the best out of their teams in person and when working apart. Our approach offers practical strategies to help overcome these challenges, with an emphasis on effective communication and empathetic leadership. 

Masterclass – Leading Teams Remotely

This course examines many challenges for virtual leading and managing. The main issues covered are:

  • The practical issues around engaging remote workers
  • Getting across a difficult message remotely
  • Dealing with possible emotional responses

Managing employees at a distance is difficult, particularly if there is a performance issue or problem to resolve with them.  In the absence of the full body language that we subconsciously depend on, managing people in this way may require more sensitivity and enquiry than a face-to-face meeting in a formal environment.

This workshop explores how we can deliver difficult messages online in a clear, supportive and authentic way, but also highlights the challenges remote communications can cause.  It starts with suggestions on how to prepare for the conversation and looking at the added constrictions of communicating clearly using the technology.  Through experiential learning we explore a challenging management conversation, and it ends on the group coaching the manager towards a better outcome and some tangible ‘takeaway’ tips on improving remote management.