Leading a Hybrid Team

At RPfT we recognise that Hybrid Working is one of the most complex challenges facing leaders at all levels. Our Masterclass in Leading a Hybrid Team addresses the key issues around this topic.

Masterclass – Leading a Hybrid Team

Here we identify some of the challenges managers currently face and look at the strategies and skills needed to implement hybrid working effectively. Our aim is to empower participants to feel confident leading their team through this evolving terrain with clarity, conviction and understanding.

We explore the following challenges:

  • Balancing the needs of the organisation, individuals and clients, and looking at how personal work style preferences might make this tricky.
  • The impact hybrid working can have on communication, engagement and collaboration, both virtual and in person.
  • The emotional impact hybrid working can have on both leaders and teams, and how it can affect productivity, morale and mental health.

We focus on the use of the following strategies and skills:

  • Using empathetic leadership to build relationships and encourage collaboration and engagement.
  • Fostering resilience in yourself and others.
  • Communicating effectively remotely.
  • Virtual presentation skills.

Implications of Hybrid Working

Any Hybrid Working model has the potential to either exacerbate or mitigate other challenges faced by your organisation. Here at RPfT, we are specialists in understanding the ways in which hybrid working can impact other urgent workplace issues, as well as more day to day training needs. For example; hybrid working may have an impact on how your leaders conduct performance management reviews, or mean you need to develop your approach to diversity and inclusion as well as unconscious bias. Our Masterclass on Leading a Hybrid Team can be delivered alone, or in conjunction with a workshop that focuses on the intersection between hybrid working and leaders’ other roles and responsibilities when it comes to their teams.