About Us

We are RPfT, one of the UK’s leading drama-based training companies for over 30 years.

RPfT stands for Role Plays for Training. RPfT is a drama based training consultancy. We use drama based learning techniques to explore behaviours, change mindsets and enhance relationships. We engage creatively and collaboratively with private and public sector organisations to help their people achieve better performance. RPfT deliver in person, over the phone and online.

After three decades delivering experiential learning, we know that whilst everything begins with the core team here in the UK, we couldn’t do any of it without our 350 actor/facilitators based around the world.  This set-up gives us the flexibility and freedom of a start-up, combined with the reach and resources of a global player.

Our flexibility means that we can offer you bespoke training based on your specific needs, collaborate with you to design the perfect solution, or even deliver your pre-designed programmes. RPfT works across all industry sectors to create and deliver training that is targeted, stimulating and often downright dramatic.  We do this because we know that the tell, show, and do method of experiential training has the biggest learning impact and the longest lasting results. The result is a dynamic experience that adds value and produces exciting, memorable training that creates real opportunities for behavioural change.

Our Team

Some of Our Actors & Facilitators 

About Our Actors & Facilitators

Our Team of actor/facilitators

At RPfT, we work with over 300 freelance actor/facilitators of all ethnicities, genders, abilities and ages.  As a result, our team is representative of the vibrant diversity of the UK today and we are able to confidently fulfil any character brief with authenticity.  All of our actor/facilitators are professionally trained and an increasing number are also qualified coaches.

How we recruit 

  • Our actor/facilitators are recruited following a personal interview, which includes partaking in a skills practice/role play session.
  • Most actors come to us with a certain level of business acting experience, but for those whom we feel have potential but lack experience, we run courses and train them ourselves. 
  • All new actors to us (regardless of experience) are initially partnered with a highly experienced actor and will be closely monitored and observed until we are confident that they can deliver to the standard we expect and be a good representative for RPfT.  
  • We place great importance on being inclusive in our casting

Our actor/facilitators’ skills

  • Our diverse team can play a wide range of characters and create realistic scenarios that reflect your company’s profile and culture. 
  • Our actors can learn complex business briefs in advance or improvise to work with a participant’s issues on the day. 
  • Our team are selected for their ability to give feedback and are trained in how to deliver a message sensitively and constructively. 

“The team at RPfT are incredibly easy to engage with and work alongside” – Lewis Lee, KPMG