Skills Practice

Skills practice is the most popular learning method that we offer. Skills practice is familiar to many people in the workplace and can also be referred to as ‘role play’. Through this method participants are able to practice the skill set they have learnt in the theory portion of the training. They work with our actor/facilitators, who take on the behavioural characteristics of the person the interaction relates to.  The conversation that then unfolds can be paused, reflected on, and fed into by colleagues depending on the learning style of the individual.  When working with professional actor/facilitators, participants can focus on their own performance and learn from their mistakes in a safe training environment.

Skills Practice Designed for Your Needs

  • Briefed Skills Practice – You may require a company wide dialogue on a subject such as performance management or difficult conversations.  We can then write a set of detailed briefs for our actor/facilitators that enables the participants to build a bank of skills that they can use time and time again.
  • Bespoke Skills Practice – You may also want to invest in the individual and their personal development and for this we offer Bespoke Skills Practice.  Here the participant explains a challenging work-based situation they personally are faced with, which can then be worked through with the help of our actor/facilitators and sometimes the support of their colleagues too.
  • Assessment & Recruitment Centres – Our actor/facilitators provide consistency of challenge for assessment and recruitment purposes.  They are practised at starting each session with the same character and scenario but then flex their responses differently, according to a candidate’s performance.  Using Actors offers assessors and recruiters an opportunity to observe at first hand a candidates’ interpersonal abilities.

Virtual Skills Practice

Thankfully, the sophisticated video conferencing tools now available mean we can use Skills Practice as a learning tool just as effectively on virtual platforms as we do in person. Facilities such as virtual breakout rooms mean we can work in both small and large groups during one session, affording participants privacy and variation. We are confident using various different cloud platforms for video and voice conferencing as well as content sharing.

Our Actors & Facilitators 

RPfT retains over 300 diverse, trained actor/facilitators around the world, who are experienced in learning complex business briefs as well as improvisation. They can present a suitable challenge through credible and believable verbal and non-verbal responses, act consistently for recruitment centres and deliver forensic and sensitive feedback about behaviours.