Coaching can be a valuable skill for all managers and team leaders. Developing a coaching approach as a communication style encourages managers to give their team members the space to experience their own spark of insight, and then to take ownership of changing their behaviour. In this way they can develop self-awareness and new thinking and approaches as a result.

A leader who is able to develop a communication style that is rooted in the principles of coaching can engage at a transformational level – empowering their team members to take more responsibility for their own actions and approach. This can increase resilience in teams and encourage more innovative thinking, trust and constructive collaboration.

Our approach is all about practice. When we encourage managers to have good coaching conversations, we often use an effective and usable model like GROW – easy to understand and put into practice in a variety of contexts. The coaching skills training we offer gives participants the opportunity to practice various coaching conversations, experimenting with new behaviours and strategies in order to help their team members reach their greatest potential. 

In this way RPFT have supported many of our clients in helping managers use coaching to develop their teams. Some recent clients who we have helped move toward developing a coaching culture include The Law Society, The Solicitors Regulatory Authority, Nestle and KPMG.

One to One Coaching

RPFT also provide clients with trained and qualified coaches for individual Developmental and Executive Coaching.

A programme of coaching can be designed to support an individual at any level who is meeting a professional challenge and is needing support to operate at their optimum. This could be needing a career development strategy, preparing for promotion or leading through change. Equally it can be applied with employees who are on performance improvement programmes and need focussed support to make progress.

Coaches are supplied who have a good fit with the coachee – and who will use an appropriate approach that marries with the needs and style of the coachee. There will always be a preliminary meeting to ensure that the fit is a good one – offering the strongest opportunity for growth and development and ensuring that the goals of the coachee and the organisation are clear and aligned.

Sessions can be tailored to the schedule of the coachee in terms of frequency and number and can be face to face or virtual.

All RPFT coaches are qualified and are affiliated to professional coaching bodies.

Meet Some of Our Coaches