Unconscious Bias

Unconscious Bias and its relationship to discrimination is an urgent topic for every organisation. We believe that self-awareness and an understanding of the wider context around discrimination of all kinds is the first step towards behavioural and cultural change. Here at RPfT we approach this important issue by using exercises, interactive drama and facilitated debate to explore the roots of unconscious bias, how it can manifest itself as behaviour and what we can do to challenge it when we witness it. 

Masterclass – Unconscious Bias

In this workshop we explain the principles of unconscious bias and explore what it can look like. We raise participant’s awareness of how we can often make judgments or decisions on the basis of our prior experience, deep-seated thought patterns, assumptions or interpretations.

Through a series of exercises, interactive drama, and facilitated discussion this workshop enables participants to recognise the many factors contributing to unconscious bias. Education, peer group, home life and the media are just a few of the components that can influence our unconscious mind and lead to unfair treatment in the workplace.