Hybrid Working

At RPfT we recognise that Hybrid Working is one of the most complex challenges facing leaders at all levels. We specialise in understanding the impact hybrid working can have on other urgent workplace issues as well as more common, everyday training needs.

Any hybrid working model has the potential to exacerbate or mitigate other challenges faced by your organisation. For example; hybrid working may have an impact on how your leaders conduct performance management reviews, or mean you need to develop your approach to diversity and inclusion as well as unconscious bias.

We believe that hybrid working is here to stay and we also believe that with the right support it can be a positive, constructive development for both individuals and organisations. To discuss how we approach the relationship between hybrid working and other training areas, get in touch with us. You can also find a full list of our training areas here.

We also deliver a Masterclass on the specific challenges related to leading a hybrid workforce. Our Masterclass on Leading a Hybrid Team can be delivered alone, or in conjunction with a workshop that focuses on the intersection between hybrid working and leaders’ other roles and responsibilities when it comes to their teams.