Managing Stress & Wellbeing in the Workplace

This session is experiential and participative, focusing on ‘Stress and Wellbeing’, and looks at how people manage stress and wellbeing at work, in others and also in themselves. These issues can often go unspotted and it’s critical that they are dealt with appropriately.

Beyond just managing mental health issues, managers also need to think about how they can best handle these delicate, often very personal, conversations that may require a high level of disclosure. Managers also will need to know what the organisation can provide in terms of support and resources.

As well as focusing on the conversations, behaviours and actions needed to manage mental health at work, the module also employs tangible MHFA (Mental Health First Aid England) exercises. This approach provides incredibly helpful takeaways for the participants, and explore how we can spot mental health issues in others and ourselves.

Illustration of a swimmer in trouble in a head shaped pool and a bystander throwing a life ring to them.

The main learning objectives covered in this session are:

  • How to identify mental health issues.

  • Establishing effective ways of supporting someone with Mental Health issues.

  • How and when to raise a Mental Health issue at work.

  • What should a manager’s next steps be?

  • Who should managers go to for advice?

  • What “reasonable adjustments” can be made in the short term to help?

  • Confidentiality – who should be informed and at what stage?

  • Managing the situation over the long term.