Delivering Difficult Messages

We are specialists in helping people deliver difficult messages effectively. How to face up to challenging conversations is a central tenet in so much of the work we deliver and we place the emphasis on meeting such interactions with integrity, empathy and clarity.

Masterclass – Delivering Difficult Messages

This workshop explores how we can deliver difficult messages online in a clear, supportive and authentic way. Starting from suggestions on how to prepare, the participants are guided through the conversation. Together we find a good beginning point, look at how to handle possible emotional responses and how to close. Focusing on the impact you have on others and that they have on you, this training develops emotional self-management during difficult conversations.

Through drama-based simulation all participants will have the chance to practice giving a difficult message in a safe environment. An easy to remember model geared towards helping people structure the conversation is included, as well as tips on how to adjust your style in response to the behaviours you may be faced with. This workshop can be based around a specific challenging issue you might be facing in your organisation – for example managing expectations, implementing organisational changes, or making redundancies.