Around The World With Our Actors - Warsaw

Senior Project Lead, Amy Oliver, was one of a team of four actor facilitators who travelled to Warsaw to contribute to the running of a training programme focusing on client engagement and team leadership for a group of participants from across Eastern Europe. As part of our Around the World series, we asked Amy to share her thoughts on the engagement and the historic city of Warsaw.

image of Warsaw Square with blue sky and clouds

I was thrilled to return to Warsaw and participate in this long standing program. For the past three years, the assessment centre had been conducted online, so it was a special pleasure to be back in Warsaw in person. 

I’m always amazed by how eloquently the participants express themselves in the company’s common language, which is English. During our interactions, I had the opportunity to engage in conversations with the participants over lunch, and one particular encounter left an impact on me. I spoke with a woman who had travelled by train from Ukraine to join us. Hearing her stories about her experiences during the war and how her family had been affected was truly humbling especially when combined with her dedication to improving her skills as a leader within the company and the responsibility she felt towards her colleagues. 

I was fortunate enough to have some extra time to explore the beautiful city of Warsaw and managed to rack up thousands of steps exploring just a little further! One highlight of my visit was the Museum of Neon, where I learned about its different uses by various governments with distinct agendas throughout Poland’s rich history.

The weather during my stay was gorgeous, and I took full advantage of it by enjoying Warsaw’s numerous green spaces and the scenic River Vistula. My culinary journey in Poland continued to be a delight. I have always been surprised by the abundance of delicious sushi options across the city and, of course, the delectable cakes.

Do następnego razu, Warsaw!