Case Study - Facilitation Skills for Internal Training

RPfT was approached by a Big 4 firm that had extensive internal training needs. We were tasked with creating more effective training for their internal use. Though the firm had a team of in-house trainers, they needed up-skilling to ensure they continued delivering confident, engaging and insightful sessions.

We set about creating Facilitation Skills training that could support their internal trainers who had a range of training abilities – from beginners, those developing their skills and more experienced trainers.

Because of this range, we developed three levels: Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced.  Each course was two to three days duration, and covered the basics such as:

  • Utilising facilitation best practice principles
  • Maximising practical exercises and challenges
  • Using video and peer-to-peer feedback

RPfT facilitators delivered the training through role-modelling the skills and techniques required.

The courses enabled our client to fulfil a large proportion of their internal training needs with their newly empowered training team. The benefits have been two-fold: building on the internal facilitation skill level and making more economical sense.  The courses continued to evolve over the years – both shortening in duration and moving to virtual delivery – and we’ve been our client’s partner in this evolution throughout.

The outcome has been that the skill and confidence levels have risen significantly, so much so that the Foundation course is now run self-sufficiently. The facilitation bar has been raised, expectations are higher, and there is an appetite for developing facilitation skills in many parts of the business. Our client writes:

“Many participants are noticing benefits in their client interactions because they are better at facilitating meetings, and as a result better at selling and closing.  Thanks to your team for their inspiring sessions.”