Case Study - Customer Relationships for Clydesdale Bank

We  were asked by a training company called the Scorpio Partnership to design a four hour training workshop focusing on up-selling and cross-selling for the private banking arm of Clydesdale Bank. Scorpio only train within the private banking industry. They are a very specialised company that base a lot of their training on statistical analysis.

For this particular programme they wanted RPfT to partner with them on the training sessions. Our job was to ‘bring to life’ some of the number crunching stats Scorpio were presenting to the candidates.

The first half of our programme looked at ‘real life’ cold-selling situations and how you moved forward a customer relationship to the next stage, when you could start giving financial advice and talking about banking products. To make it as lifelike as possible we used real life customer profiles that Clydesdale had given us.

In the second half we looked at up-selling skills. Having got a very wealthy individual to let you invest some of their cash, what other parts of the bank would it be worth them doing business with? RPfT linked this section with an highly interactive explanation of Dr. Eric Berne’s Transactional Analysis theory.

After a pilot in the City of London offices of Clydesdale,  the whole programme went nationwide to cover most of Scotland and the north of England. It was fast moving, fun and had some hard hitting messages about how the bank really needed to develop a more sophisticated approach to customer relationships. Fantastic feedback was received from all the Clydesdale candidates and our co-trainers the Scorpio Partnership.