Case Study - Crisis Leadership

RPfT work with Global Crisis & Continuity Leads in large corporations in order to support their Human Resources departments in embedding crisis leadership throughout their leadership contingency.  The programme we deliver allows selected employees to be given training on breaking bad news to the relatives of other employees.

This is particularly pertinent for companies where death in service, might be more likely; such as large engineering, manufacturing or construction. The training we deliver involves a series of high level role plays where very difficult news has to be given to a family member. These are emotionally charged role plays for all involved and the role players have to be utterly convincing as the distraught relatives. The programme seeks to develop real crisis leadership in organisations, and the work we do is one of the ways organisations can use innovative methods for assessing and developing individual and team characteristics in crisis.

We work globally in this area, and we source and train the role players in whichever country the training is taking place. This programme is currently being rolled out worldwide and has been delivered in 20 countries so far.